Nuevo artículo de nuestra docente Stéphanie Rousseau

Nuevo artículo de nuestra docente Stéphanie Rousseau

Compartimos la nueva publicación académica de nuestra docente e investigadora del área de Ciencia Política, Dra. Stéphanie Rousseau, «Populismo y política antigénero en Perú: De la sociedad civil al escenario electoral». El texto se público en la Revista ERLACS – European Review of Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


Popular support to antigender politics that emerged in the last years in several countries of Latin America has been explained mostly in terms of the entry of religious actors in the political system. Based on an analysis of antigender activists’ and politicians’ discourse in Peru, it is argued that building political representation vehicles around the rejection of the concept of gender constitutes a new expression of populism in Latin America. The new populisms use gender as a central concept in their discursive strategy. In Peru, the trajectory of antigender politics shows its origins in civil organizations and a rapid entry into the electoral sphere. The construction of populisms centred on value conflicts shows the need to widen the analytical framework on antigender politics beyond the relationship between religion and politics.

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